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EP Generators appointed UK distributers for Onis Visa Spa

EP GENERATORS have been appointed UK distributors for Onis Visa Spa. From their headquarters near Venice Italy Visa S.p.A. through hard work and deep commitment have successfully promoted their products in 60 countries around the world through capable hand picked distributors.

ONIS VISA was founded in 1960 when increasing energy demands in certain sectors could be satisfied with generating sets. In the 1980’s the company moved its interest and activities into foreign markets where seriousness, commitment and product quality have been rewarded globally with continue growth over the last 50 years.

The GALAXY generators range from 30 to 650 kVA offers 5 different engine brands (Perkins, Volvo, Iveco, Deutz, John Deere) and 2 alternator brands (Marelli and Stamford). 50 and 60 Hz frequencies are both available in complete standard equipment along with a wide range of accessories. Thanks to its compactness, robustness and quietness, the GALAXY range is suitable for both mobile and stationary use in the civil or construction sectors.

All sets are provided with Guard Evolution an advanced digital control panel made specifically for the command, control and protection of the Diesel Generating Set, totally designed and manufactured by Visa S.p.A. these control panels offer the options of Manual Function, the Auto start Function, the Automatic Mains Function and the Automatic Fuel Refilling Function.

For a full breakdown of the Onis Visa diesel generating set range, please click here Onis Visa


EP generators offer a full range of local and Onis Visa factory (pre and after sales) support to all our generator customers and users.

Including the following:-EP Generators Logo

• Application advice from our experts at the time of order

• Installation and commissioning service can be made available

• Servicing and repairs using fully trained technicians, regular service contracts are also available